Your Trusted Commercial Energy Consulting Company

With innovation and technology, most businesses nowadays require various machines, equipment, and lighting to perform vital functions. As a result, they demand a lot of power to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis, leading to higher monthly energy costs.

This is where MHF Energy LLC comes in. We offer a custom game plan to help you with your energy bills, which is based on your local market and specific business needs.

Mission Statement

We are your personalized commercial energy consulting team, and our mission is to help your business increase its bottom line.

How We Can Help You

Federally mandated energy deregulation now allows customers to choose their own energy supplier in many U.S. states. However, many business owners still haven’t taken advantage of the “Energy Choice Programs” offered, and we are here to help. Send us your utility bill, and let us provide a free no-obligation evaluation of your current situation.

We are committed to simplifying a complex process for you, saving you hours of time and energy trying to understand the industry and your energy bills. You can also rely on us to provide honest and professional feedback on your current situation and recommend the best options and suppliers for your company in the current market.

Working With Top Companies

Our team will diligently connect you with top industry suppliers who work directly with the current energy delivery carrier in your market. Some examples of these delivery carriers include PECO in PA, Delmarva in DE, and PSE&G in NJ. Through this process, we aim to secure a lower rate reflected on the same utility bills that you currently pay each month.

This means that you will have a lower rate for the same electricity and natural gas you have always paid for, without having separate billing, miscellaneous fees, or interruption of service. We even prepare all the paperwork between you and the supplier.

What We Offer

Our services lead to an increased bottom line without any additional time, stress, or cost on your part, so it’s a true win-win all around. Some of the unique benefits of working with us are:

Free No-Obligation Evaluation of Your Current Utility Bill/s

Personalized and Professional Customer Service and Honest Feedback

Multiple Location Bundled Discount Rate Plans

Flexible Deferred Start Dates With Co-Termination End Dates

Customized Fixed Rate and Index Plans Ranging From Six Months Up to Three Years

U.S.-Based Support and Top Ranked Energy Supplier Relationships

Dedication to Clients

Even if you are under contract with another energy supplier, we can still evaluate where you are currently at with regard to your facilities’ historical usage and energy needs. We can then help you make an informed decision when your contract expires, even when you decide to stay with your current supplier.

Working with us will ensure your business will have honest feedback, more options to choose from, and greater savings in the long run. We are confident that we will earn your business and relationship if given the opportunity!